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Academic Sessions (2011-2012)

Academic Sessions (2011-2012)


TIMETABLES FOR MAY-SEPT 2011 (Asasians Batch 2011/2012)

Dear students,

Attached are the latest timetables for
Sem 1 May-Oct 2011 (as of 23 May 2011).
Wishing everybody a fruitful semester!

All the best,
Miss Salliza :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011



For ASASI TESL students batch 2011/2012, here is your academic calendar. ;)

       Registration for new students                                         22 May 2011
&l    Minggu Destini Siswa (MMS Orientation Week)        22 – 29 May 2011
&l    Lectures start                                                                       30 May 2011

(Source: Pusat Asasi UiTM website)

Congratulations for making it into the programme, and be a part of UiTM. We (batch 2010/2011) wish you all the best and hope that you will have as much fun we did. ALL THE BEST~!! XD      

1st Asasi TESL Pre-Graduation Dinner 2011

   On 19 March 2011, the Asasians (Batch 2010/2011) organized the 1st Asasi TESL Pre-Graduation Dinner 2011 bearing the theme of ‘James Bond’.  Held at the Dewan Sri Impian, Hotel UiTM, the auspicious dinner was officiated by Prof. Madya Dr. Haji Izaham Shah Ismail, Dean, Faculty of Education, UiTM. The food was no doubt fantastic…. and the students indeed were dressed to the nines!!!

   It was indeed a night to remember with the students showing off their talents on stage that night singing, doing stand-up comedy, reciting poems and showing some video presentations. The Head of Programme (Dr Jamiah Baba) and some of the Asasi TESL lecturers (Encik Faeiz Alwee, Cik Salliza, Cik Azyyati, Encik Shahruddin, Puan Roslinda & Puan Melissa) were also present to grace the event. 

   Among the highlights of the event -----
      - a special video message from Arif Bahari who couldn’t make it to the dinner as he’s admitted at HTAR due to some illness & a live-streaming via Skype with Mohd Izzat who’s abroad…......
     - lighting of candles to symbolize the students’ spirit of unity and camaraderie after being together for 2 semesters….
       - Nabil & Amira were chosen as the King & Queen of the Night

and the most envied of all….

-            Nadiah Lasuan walking away as the proud owner of a brand new Apple iPAD she won during the lucky draw (she certainly made other students exceedingly cringed, cried….hahahahaha good for you Nadiah)

   Alhamdulillah, all in all the dinner went well. Thanks to the Asasians for coming and supporting the event, million thanks to the Organizing Committee for making it happen and gazillion thanks to the sponsors (special note to Ainur: you could certainly spread more happiness with more iPADs... hahaha) 

The committee members diligently preparing for the dinner 

The theme for the dinner was "JAMES BOND". way to go guys! u dressed accordingly.

Happy faces

Happy faces 2

The seating at the dinner hall.

Boys will always be boys. :)

girls will always.. err.. be girls?

Our emcees for the night

A group performance. presenting Izzul, Thoriq, Faiz & Zulfahmi

Stand up comedy~ :D (Asyraf and Fattah)

err..? lol :p

An emotional singing performance by mike mikhail

Adilla with her singing :)


Suke eh kau dapat iPAD? I mean, congrats for winning the iPAD~! :p lol

Symbolic farewell. candle lights, everyone~
SIXnificance of Asasi TESL 2010/2011~ (all the single ladieyhh~lol)

A beautiful scene on a beautiful night. :')
The whole ASASI TESL batch 2010/2011. Muaz, kau pegang je la iPad tuh.

   The night went on smoothly, though it was short, our memories will never be washed away, like the tears on everyone's cheek that night.... ASASI TESL 2010/2011. :D


The legend starts here...

   We'd watched a theater performance at Istana Budaya (Natrah), we'd witnessed a tragic tale in Petronas Philharmonic Hall (Malim Deman), and we watched a staging in KDU College (O.M.G)... 

   Finally, it's OUR TURN. Having attended one full course of 'Language and Drama', on the 18 & 19 February 2011, all ASASI TESL students finally got to finish the course in style.....with our own drama showcase. Each group (Groups 2A till 2F) had planned and practiced for their performances since early January (some even started way back in December 2010) to provide our audience with the BEST PERFORMANCES EVAAAAA~! 

   With "The Unspoken Hero" as the theme for all drama, each group presented their final drama successfully in front of lecturers, seniors and parents. All of this for the sake of personal satisfaction (yeaaaahhhh) and the 50% marks for the TLD092 Language and Drama course (of course....). Being the creative batch that we are, each group presented their own unique story (thanks to the respective script writers) with their own unique ways. 

   3 groups performed on the 18/2/11 while the rest performed the next day (19/2/11). Below are pictures of the line of showcases. :)

"Catherine of Aragon", a dramatic/epic true story of the first Queen of King Henry VIII, how she was mistreated and died. 

King Henry and his two ministers.

"REMNANTS BLOOM", a chilling story about a psychopath child killing people in her dreams and in real life

"Sidek", a heart warming story of the father of Malaysia's most popular badminton players

"Nyemah Mulya", an epic tale of Malacca's protector and warrior, Nyemah

"DOLL LEE", scary and heart warming at the same time, it tells us about a pitiful mistreated boy and his encounter with a talking walking puppet.

The maids in Doll Lee danced it off~!

"The Virgin Queen"- a great tale of Che Siti Wan Kembang, Kelantan's most loyal queen.

A proposal of marriage for the Queen.
   Though we might not be as good as those in Istana Budaya, we definitely did our best and rightly proclaimed lots of sanding ovations~! ihik~! XD

   And just like that, our Language and Drama course came to an end. The course undoubtedly gave us a whole loads of fun throughout the 2nd Semester, making ASASI TESL more memorable than it already is. :')
Zillion thanks to our beloved lecturers - Miss Salliza, Miss Azyyati & Puan Ruqayya for the great time in TLD092!!!!

Asasi-ans need to talk (SPEAKER'S CORNER)

......especially when you are in the ASASI TESL programme, you (will) want to talk a lot. If talking was a crime, you would gladly be a criminal. :) So, to satisfy our hunger, most of our students spoke legally at the Speaker's Corner. Held at Dataran Cendekia every Tuesday night, from 8.30pm -10.30pm, (until now as this post is being updated), it is a weekly programme organized by the Debate Unit, Student Affairs & Alumni Division, UiTM. Aimed to get as many UiTM students to brave themselves to talk in public & boast their self confidence....we, the Asasians wouldn't want to be left behind.....

We proudly bring you (in pics...) a few of our very own Asasians who participated in the Speaker'sCorner. *applause*

Mohd Faliq-Something

Ashraf Othman

Nur Zaza Shabirah - Harry Potter actually has moral values

those on the waiting list. :D

Ruz Atheera bt Ruzaidin - Dramatizing

Sharifuddin bin Sulaiman - Being single is better than being a couple

Farizul Athir

Abdul Munir b Kamaruzzaman - Dont join MLM if you are not ready

yeayyyy.... they're given a Speaker's Corner exclusive button, a certificate & an activity coupon... 

GOOD JOB ASASIANS!!! *standing ovation*

OMG~!! A Performance by KDU~!

   After the Natrah and Malim Deman shows that we had watched, some of us continued the thirst for Drama and went to watch a charity theater organized by KDU College students entitled Oh, My Girl! (O.M.G) on 27th January 2011.  wohoo~!

main purpose-to help children who have cancer. 

The staging. 

Match made in ASASI TESL Happy faces of ASASI TESL students.

our dearest lecturer, Miss Salliza. she's the one who came up with this brilliant idea. 

together with their favorite actress. 

explanation by one of the organizers.

more fun : met this Michael Jackson look-a-like. ahaks.

A student with an actor

A romantic scene

from left Zulhelmi, Shufitri, Dzul, Fadhilah, Gloria.

   What a night we had, everyone. now you know we had so much fun and experience in this course huh. *ASASI TESL promoter grin* XP